Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Internet.....Your Friend!

Like so many of us out there, I am always looking for ways to ‘cut corners’ without cutting quality of life.  By that I mean wiser spending on those items one MUST have, such as insurance and/or a vehicle, household necessities, personal must-haves (i.e. jewelry, makeup, and hair products), etc. 

As a one-person ‘do it all’ (breadwinner, mother, caregiver, the list is endless…) I am not afforded the luxury of making several calls to multiple places to obtain quotes ….sending emails requesting information are not always answered quickly and waiting is not always an option!

Two days ago, my car was extensively damaged when another vehicle lost control on the ice and landed hard on the driver’s side of my automobile!  Fortunately, other than some bothersome cuts, bruises, upset stomach, headache, muscle pain, I was not hurt too badly.  Now my problem is……WHAT DO I DO ABOUT THE CAR????  The door is destroyed, the windshield is cracked and it’s freezing outside and windy!  My financial situation is not good enough to just run out there and buy a car like I’m replacing toilet paper!

Due to my present life situation, I have learned to make extensive use of the internet; it is an indispensible part of my life now.  Other than food, paper products and medicines, much of my shopping is not done online.  Shopping online (i.e. Amazon) is easier, quicker, costs less gas…heck I even save on insurance because of less mileage!

The car, what about the car?  After doing some online research, a friend picked up some duct tape and plastic sheeting from the local hardware.  Online I learned how to make a temporary ‘window’ for my driver’s side door….hopefully, after the weekend is over, I will be able to pick up a replacement door at one of the car recycling places in our area (former junkyards, ha ha, got to love socially correct wording!) and pay to have it installed.  I am also doing online research for a replacement automobile!  

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