Monday, February 24, 2014

Your Eyes....Windows To Your Health?

All jokes aside, when is the last time you had your eyesight checked?  No, I don’t mean when you get your license renewed (at least in my state) or that little eye chart you find posted everywhere.

Generally, if you don’t currently need to wear glasses or contacts, you should consider a full eye exam every two or three years; however, once past the age of 40, many professionals will suggest an annual exam.  If you already wear glasses or contacts, or if vision disorders/diabetes runs in your family, it is suggested you get an annual exam.

One big bonus of eye exams is that other health issues can be ‘brought to light’, such as glaucoma or bleeding behind the eye.  Certain types of lesions with scarring on the retina can be a sign of various health disorders.  Specific retina imaging can even reveal problems indicative of cardiac disease! 

The medical field is constantly seeking ways to detect life-threatening problems early; articles are constantly being publicized regarding various ‘new’ findings or theories.

In addition to a typical eye doctor’s office, exams are now available at several major retailers and drugstore chains.  

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