Monday, March 10, 2014

Weight Loss....For The Ladies Only

With the onset of the spring/summer season, what are many of us thinking about?  Our weight and physical appearance!  Personally speaking, the fall/winter season causes weight problems.  Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Years……eat and drink ‘til you drop holidays!  If you aren’t into outdoor winter sports (shudder!) then your physical activeness was extremely limited by this year’s winter.  It was close to impossible to take a ‘walk’ of any sort, proven by my weekly grumbling sessions of taking the garbage to the front curb for pickup.

Honestly, how can you get through fall/winter without picking up some pounds here and there?  Understanding this dilemma has helped me to be better able to ‘forgive’ myself for my slovenly silhouette (I am my worst critic).  Now, what is to be done so that removing my sweatshirts, baggy sweaters, and the like isn’t such a terrifying thought?  I want new spring and summer, too! 

In the past few weeks or so, I have been experimenting with various weight loss products and diet supplements.  Some seemed ‘okay’, some a complete waste of time and money.  The problem is that there are infinite choices out there and so many ‘scams’.    

A week ago I came across something unique in its approach.  Someone, a male professional with credentials (no, not Dr. Oz!), had already established himself in the weight loss field; however, he was dismayed that it seemed to be most effective for males….only!  For some reason, women were only experiencing minimal results!  A close female family member approached him for weight loss help; she knew his established track record….who better to ask?  This began a ‘journey’ for him; he wanted to help her….and actually help her.  His research resulted in discovering distinct differences in how a male loses body fat/weight as opposed to a female!  He subsequently developed a unique product and approach to the problem….only for females!  Not only did it help her, she introduced it to all of her friends!

No, this is not intended as a specific ‘product endorsement’ of any sort.  I am merely writing about my own personal discoveries, with the hopes that it just might be of help to someone else.  I hope so….  In any event, I now look forward to the change in seasons……bring in Spring!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hair Today....Gone Today!

A short list of ‘creepy’ things to do:

  • Shave your legs
  • Shave your underarm area
  • Share your facial area
  • Shave your neck
  • Shave your back
  • Shave your chest

I think you get the idea…..I HATE SHAVING!  I am convinced that body hair removal is some sort of curse on mankind dating back to times unknown!  I have tried so many different razors (manual, electric, battery-operated) that I just might qualify as a ‘renowned authority’….I have also had the immense displeasure of waxing, plucking, etc., ad nauseum.  Lately, with the onset of Spring, the whole ‘shaving’ thing is something that must be addressed.

The only reason I did not try laser is that a friend of mine DID; after seeing her ‘burns’ and listening intently to her long descriptions of each and every painful moment, I decided that it would not be in my best interests to see these things for myself firsthand.  (one of my wiser moves)

Men have the same problems as we women do with hair removal; many men DON’T want ‘hairy’ legs, a ‘hairy’ chest/back/buttocks.  Some men don’t want hair on their legs either.  This was an eye-opener for me; I was so wrapped up in my female ways that I failed to consider the fact that men suffer almost more than we do.  Society expects women to have this ‘bodyhair shaving’ issue…not men!  This is truly sad and I publicly apologize for my past ignorance and tunnel vision.  Sorry fellas!

There is a system that works much like laser…but without the pain!  In effect, it ‘singes’ the hairs painlessly; when finished you then rub down the area (side benefit:  this also serves as a form of exfoliation for your skin).  No muss, no fuss, lasts a long time….luv it!  Yes, this is a ‘plug’ of sorts however if you knew me personally then you would know I am not one to openly ‘plug’ anything unless I truly believe in its value.