Stop Theft Of Electronic Devices



Do you know of anybody (including yourself) who owns or plans to purchase one of the following:  iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle, iMac, MacBook, or similar electronic device?  Would you like to keep it safe and secure from being stolen?  Unfortunately, in this day and age with holiday season and gift-giving so close at hand, security has been and remains an important issue.  How many times have you heard or read something about stolen laptops, tablets, phones, etc.?  My guess would be quite a few!
Recently, I came across a remarkable line of security mechanisms for these products.  Maclocks has been in business since 1986, has an impressive list of customers and has been featured by several reputable sources:


Maclocks even came out with certain security products BEFORE the product was even launched!  That shows just how confidently this company stands by its products; protecting you before you even have it in your hands!  By the way, did I mention they are branded as a ‘Google Trusted Store’, having at least a 91% on-time shipping rate?  $1,000 of free protection offered (Google Certified & Protected)? 

With these impressive credentials being ‘just a taste’, how can you afford to do without security for yours or another’s technical investment?  Of course, this is just my opinion or maybe it’s because when I purchase something like an iPad, MacBook, etc., it is either for a family member, friend, or myself … NOT for a thief!




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