Yes, this is an article about that parental subject we all know and love……..potty training.   

Recently, I overheard some young mothers discussing their various methods while at a restaurant during ‘lunch hour’.   I found it utterly amazing that these ladies sounded just like my friends and I did a few years ago!   Their discussion covered different articles, books, etc.; each young woman emphatically trying to impress the others…..sadly, there was absolutely no discussion about ‘success’ or ‘successful methods’.

Since we were only separated by the partition between our separate booths, I got up the courage to approach them with the opening line “I couldn’t help but overhear parts of your conversation….”;   I described my own failures as a young mother trying to teach my little ones without any sort of ‘quality’ guidance throughout the potty training process. 

After sharing some of the more humorous episodes, I told them that a few months ago I discovered a method that is maybe as close to perfect as one could get!  I was so impressed by the results of this method; you can complete potty training successfully in as little as 3 days!   Potty training without all of the episodes I had overheard during their conversation; a tried-and-true method that has approximately 97% success!   With today’s prices, just imagine the annual savings….no more disposable diapers or diaper service!

For less than the cost of 2 economy packs of diapers, your child can be potty-trained almost in the blink of an eye! (There is a more than adequate time allowance for product return.)  Hundreds of dollars will be saved!

Naturally, they were interested to find out exactly what I was talking about.  We exchanged contact information and….well, to make a long story short, this article is being written with those ladies specifically in mind … and anyone else out there who still has potty training on their children’s horizon…


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